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Unusual fledgling

At this time of year i often find baby birds in the orangery where i work. This can be anything from young Mistle thrushes to Spotted fly catchers.
On friday morning i was doing my weekly chores,watering and feeding the plants when i heard a high pitched call very similar to migrating Redwings. Looking upwards i saw a tiny bird about the size of a wren producing the sound. As i prepared to retrieve the bird and put it out side it flew across the orangery and landed on the floor. Once in my hand i could see that it,s feet were tangled in thick cobwebs. I unpicked these and had a good look at the bird. Plumage was similar to a young robin but it had a long curved beak, short tail feathers and the feet were large with long toe nails. I was baffled as to what it could be, especially as it was so small. I took it outside to release near a yew hedge when it took flight, landing on the trunk of a lime tree and proceeded to scurry vertically up the bark and instantly i knew what it was . A young Tree creeper. Perfectly charming.