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Edford Wood Area

An exhilarating couple of hours late afternoon saw a pleasing variety of bird species. The old wood gleaming with colour and yet still retaining its density. It closes on Sunday for 8 months being open only from Feb-May.

2 family groups of Marsh Tits were watched as well as fledged Blue, Great and Long-tailed Tits seen.

3 Nuthatch nests were located. Normally I expect to see Nutatches nesting maybe 12-18 ft high (they have used my next boxes at approx. 10 ft) but one of the three Nest holes was way up high, probably 60ft+. When those birds fledge they really will need to be strong and able to fly.

All 3 nests had young Nuthatches poking their heads out of the nest holes.

I know that our local area is very good for Song Thrushes but I was still surprised at the numbers seen today.

A Tawny Owl called a couple of times and the songs of many species cascaded through the Trees.