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This morning`s entertainment was a battle between a juvenile Swan and a G-c-Grebe ,the Grebe busy carrying material for its nest was approached from behind by a juvenile Swan thinking to enjoy itself at the expense of the Grebe, as it caught up with the Grebe and about to deliver a peck on the Grebes tail the Grebe nimbly dived, it surfaced with the Swan close behind ,once again the Swan missed it`s target,both birds arrived at the nest and the Swan had the bright ideal of demolishing the nest ,the Grebe would have none of it, once again it dived and the Swan received a pecking from under the water, the grebe continued to chastise the Swan who gave up after some eight/ten attacks and swam off, no doubt this young Swan will think better of taking such a formidable aquatic warrior again.
A few photos from this morning on website.

Re: Dive,dive,dive.

The G-c-Grebes now have one egg in their nest.