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Dead Buzzards - Assistance please?

Greetings Somerset birders,

Just received a report (with photos) of four dead Common Buzzard found in close proximity on a remote but open to the public part of Exmoor.

It may need someone to visit the site in the next 24-48 hours primarily to nail down the exact location because I'm not convinced that your typical 'bobby' will find it on his/her own.

Anyone willing and able to assist please?

Best regards,


Re: Dead Buzzards - Assistance please?

Nick give me a buss iam free this morning wed and thurday 01643-862548

Re: Dead Buzzards - Assistance please?

Nick I am able to help please send me a contact phone number and I will try and help.

Re: Dead Buzzards - Assistance please?

Dear Colin and Jeremy,

Many thanks for your replies - much appreciated

Could I trouble you both to send me a quick email please because I don't have your addresses to be able to contact you.

Best regards,