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Re: Green Sandpiper - Ilminster

Great garden tick for me in Holton near Wincanton on Tuesday. Flew overhead and called while gardening earlier this week. Only a tiny stream in the immediate vicinity. Had an Oystercatcher a few months ago too.

Wheater(s) - Ilminster

Back on the River Isle, near Ilminster tonight I was amazed to see a "fall" of Wheaters. 3 for sure and it might have been 4.

Also newly hatched Moorhen chicks.

Just a bit of clarification please, should I report such passing migrants (Green Sandpiper and Wheater) to the County Recorder?


Ignoring the Moderators Request


Could I ask why have you posted a photograph of a wheatear on this forum ? Please consider complying with the moderator's request which is at the top of this forum, not to put photographs on this sightings page.

Many thanks in anticipation of your future compliance.

Wrt your sightings, the "normal" methodology is to keep a record of your sightings throughout the year, and to send these records to the county recorder at year end.

kind rgds

Bird news only

Hi Ash, sorry, in my excitement of finding a group of Wheatears this evening on my local patch, I hadn't spotted the note issued a couple of days ago at the top of forum regarding photographs. Happy to comply with this request in the future and just stick to text.


Re: Bird news only

Re: Wheater(s) - Ilminster

Nice pic all the same. Up to your usual high standards :-)

Re: Wheater(s) - Ilminster

Yet again posted rejected as declared SPAM. :((((

Re: Green Sandpiper - Ilminster

Yes, Green Sandpiper on River Isle near Ilminster tonight. Loads more to report....

Re: Green Sandpiper - Ilminster

Amazing behaviour from the Gulls tonight. They were standing on the river bank reaching over and down and trying to catch the Sand Martin's returning to their burrows. Doesn't look good for the young when they fledge.

Also Kingfishers plus Water Voles. leaping Trout and a Vixen with one cub following her around the field.