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Re: Wheatear

My first wheatear of the year, a male, preceded me along the fence posts on the left as I walked up to the Huntspill sluice this morning from Sloway Lane. Kestrels prospecting their usual owl box and a kingfisher at the top (pair seen there yesterday).

Re: Wheatear

Hi Sandra

I help with a Wheatear colour ringing project on Lundy - I wonder if the bird you saw could be from there. What was the colour ring combination?

Re: Wheatear

Hello Richard
I looked up the Lundy criteria and my observation did not suggest a match. Unfortunately, I did not have the benefit of a scope on this occasion but there did not appear to be any rings on the right leg and the two colour rings on the left looked like red/orange over a very light colour which seemed like a very pale green. No metal ring was obvious. Having trawled through various lists I now realise the information is probably too limited to determine its origin.

Re: Crewkerne Wheatear

A female seen this morning, my earliest sighting ever on this site.
Just a shame that 500 houses are going to be built on it! :(

Re: Wheatears

Four Wheatears on Wall Common this p.m.