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Tree sparrows

For Mothering Sunday, my Mum reported "several" tree sparrows in her garden in Ashcott, near Street.

How common are they around Somerset?

Re: Tree sparrows

Hello Pete, Tree Sparrow is one of the rarest breeding species in Somerset and I'm only aware of 2 sites in the County where just small numbers occur. Any sighting away from these would need to be backed up with a description.
Regards, Jeff.

Re: Tree sparrows

Hi Pete - if they are tree sparrows your mum might have a long queue of birders outside her house!

Re: Tree sparrows

Yes, I did warn her!

Unfortunately, I can't get over there this week - due to work - to get a positive id. If anyone's in the area, give me a call (mobile number above) and I'll give you directions. Cheers.

Re: Tree sparrows

Hello Pete,

My wife Kay and I made a brief 20-min visit to you mother's house yesterday afternoon (what a very nice lady!) and she very kindly invited us in to watch the feeders in her back garden, but no luck. She then ushered us into her next-door neighbour's back garden but no luck on their feeders either. We promised her that we would call again soon. She showed us the field guide she was using and seemed well clued up on her garden birds.

Finally, a word of caution: because your mother's house is close to a primary school, walking around the area with binoculars is a definite no-no! So I wouldn't broadcast its location if I was you.

Thanks for your time, and I'll let you know if we see any on a future visit. Your Mother has my home phone number in Street, just a few mins away.
Jeff Hazell.

Re: Tree sparrows

Hi Jeff,

Yes, she told me you'd called. Shame you didn't see the sparrows. I will try to pop over sometime soon, but do go again if you get the chance - it would be good to know whether they're definitely there!