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Re: birding in Somerset

You're welcome Gary, and please come again soon. We have so many brilliant places to bird right on our doorstep that we sometimes get a little blase about them. It is great to hear comments like yours from visiting birders, and I am sure that those who have spent so much time creating and maintaining these sites appreciate them too.

Good luck with the second circuit of Britain. Look out for a friendly postman out at Steart - it's Rog's patch and I'm sure he'll help out if possible.

Re: birding in Somerset

A friendly postman! It would be great to bump into him. The birders I meet on my travels have included some great characters. I am really looking forward to the day.
One last thing. Yesterday at Greylake I started to do a sort of video diary when 2 peregrines attacked the ducks there. I have put a video of this on youtube. The murmuration of duck is incredible and at least the spectacle shut me up.

Thanks Julian and thanks Somerset.
Blasé! Your county has everything.

Re: birding in Somerset

The last three days blog is now done. More detail and photographs from three wonderful days birding at four wonderful RSPB reserves. Thanks Michael!

Re: birding in Somerset

The blog detailing yesterday's visit to the new WWT reserve at Steart is done. Please read.

Thanks to everyone I have met during my few days in Somerset. It has been a highlight of my year so far. Wonderful birding. Thank you so much.