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Re: Green-winged Teal

Present on the incoming tide at just before 3pm. It was still distant at that point but moving closer. If anyone else is going to try we'd recommend waiting for the tide rather than hanging around for two hours in the cold like we did!

Earlier there were two Green Sandpipers and a pair of Gooseander up river from Bleadon bridge,

Re: Green-winged Teal

HW on the Axe Estuary was at 18:33 this evening, so I arrived on the sandy-beach at Uphill, in front of Weston Yacht Club, at 16:00, a little bit early as it turned out because only a few teal visible. At 16:30, on the slowly rising tide, I eventually picked out two small flocks, each of about 20 birds, and the Green-winged drake was with those in the channel nearest its northern bank. I didn’t watch it for long as I had to hot-foot it back home to Street remembering to stop and buy some gravy granules for the roast-dinner Kay was preparing – it was yummy!!

HW here over the next few days will probably not be suitable until Monday, when it’s at 09:50, or Tuesday at 10:30, assuming being there 2 hours before this.