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River Isle Walk

Completed two walks this morning along the River Isle. The first was near Isle Brewers and the second was near Puckington.

Walk 1.
Lots of interest on a very grey morning. Many of the fields around the River are flooded so anything might turn up. Many of the usual suspects were on display:
Grey Herons (about 10 in the fields)
Cormorants 3(in the trees)
Mute Swan 2,
Lapwings 5
Snipe 5 (out in the open!)
Fieldfares, Redwings and Starlings - Everywhere.
Buzzards (3 or maybe 4)
Roe Deer 8 (3, 3, 2)
Fox 2

But the highlight was a Peregrine attack on Wood Pigeon. The falcon appeared from Fivehead direction at about 1000ft, circled around above me and then accelerated into attack mode. The change of speed from loiter to stoop was breathtaking. It looks like the Peregrine was after a pigeon, but they both disappeared over a hedge and were gone so I do not know the result

Walk 2
More Grey Herons,
Starling, Fieldfare and Redwings
Very large flock of Wood Pigeon, estimated at 200
Roe Deer 7

But the highlight here was a pair of Yellowhammers. So unexpected.

Yellowhammers (Somerset)

A greay start to the day, now home to watch Yeovil beat Man Utd in the FA Cup!