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A tight flock of 16 Greenfinches through Torr yesterday late afternoon. Would anyone know if any ringing recoveries give any clues to migrational movements for Greenfinches?

Re: Greenfinches

Hello John, a quick look at Chew Valley ringing records show 50 birds that have moved significantly from their original ringing site and but of that 50 only 5 moved by over 70Km the greatest movement was to Alnwick Northumberland a distance of 450Km.. Our records cover the last 40 years and in that time we have ringed approx 4,800 Greenfinches The other movements were local or less than 30Km.
What happened to the other 4,750 remains a mystery although some were retrapped on our site! Not very scientific info. nor do we see any pattern in the few movements we've seen.