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Catcott Lows 02.03.14.

07.30 To 12.30 Hours.

1 Sub-Adult Male & 1 Juvenile 'Cream Head' Marsh Harrier, 1 Male & 1 Female Sparrow Hawk, 1 Kestrel, 3 Common Buzzards, 1 Great White Egret, C10 Little Egrets, 6 Black-Tailed Godwits, 8 Common Snipe, C10 Lapwing, 1 Kingfisher, 1 Reed Bunting & 1 Great Spotted Woodpecker.

Re: Catcott Lows 06.03.14.

Thurs 6 Mar. 6 Blk Tld G'Wits still present plus a single Redshank (first for me here this year), with at least 100 Snipe,Lapwings, half a dozen. There wasn't a single Pintail present and only 4 Shoveller, 5 Tufted with a hundred or so Wigeon and almost as many Teal plus 4 Mallard made up the low duck numbers.
A Ring-tailed Hen Harrier made one appearance mid day. A male Kestrel and 1 female Sparrow Hack and a couple of Buzzard made up the raptor sightings.

Re: Catcott Lows 11.03.14.

9 Blk Tld G'wits present this Tues afternoon. An increase in the flock of 50,% so hopefully other waders will soon appear

Re: Catcott Lows 19.03.14.

30 Blk Tld. Godwits with the two drake Garganey on the Lows this Wed. morning. A Merlin flew over from the bridge heading S.W.and chased something? downward into the new Catcott Fen area.

Re: Catcott Lows 19.03.14.

Two drake Garganey still present, also 32 Blk-t Godwits, a Grt White Egret and a drake Pintail.

Re: Catcott Lows 19.03.14.

A Common crane from the reintroduction project was there this morning until I left around miday. Leg rings were:
R/h orange over pale blue over yellow & L/h black? Over blue over black?.

Re: Catcott Lows 19.03.14.

On the Cranes, orange isn't used as a ring colour, but assuming that it was red, then red/blue/yellow is affectionately known as err red/blue/yellow. I don't think it has an actual name yet. It is a female crane released last September.

Black/Blue/Black is used on the other leg for all the cranes in this project to link them to this particular project.

Re: Catcott Lows 19.03.14.

21-Mar-14 (afternoon)
Apart from the sub-adult Common Crane, also a single drake Garganey (couldn't see any others), 31 Blk-t Godwits and a single Redshank. A distant male Marsh Harrier over Canada Farm Lake.

Re: Catcott Lows 19.03.14.

Thanks for the info Kevin. Must have been red then. The light & maybe a bit of fading made it look orange. She was still there when i left around 17:00.