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Cinnamon Lane Little Owls

Inspired by all of this talk of Chiffchaff, I had a stroll along Cinnamon Lane this morning, not that I’ve ever heard Chiffchaff there this early! Nor did I today! Not a single ‘Chiff’ or solitary ‘Chaff!’
I did however find four Little Owls. One in the Park, a pair ‘bookending’ in the apple tree opposite the Dutch barn and finally one in the small orchard, opposite Beer Wall preparatory school.
The only other thing of note was 5 Cormorants sat in a dead tree, overlooking a flooded field, wings held out in typical ‘flasher’ mode!

Re: Cinnamon Lane Little Owls

The one Little Owl still present this early-afternoon, in the small orchard opposite the entrance to Beer Wall Prep School.