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Crane sighting Ilminster ?

Friend just messaged me on F/Book to say he saw what sounds like a Crane this afternoon from the Ilminster by-pass - single bird going towards Ilminster end on right just after the speed camera...might be a wild one ?

Re: Crane sighting Ilminster ?

Sorry - just realised that this might read as if the bird was in flight - it was in a field on the right just after the speed camera as you drive towards Ilminster end of the by-pass...

Re: Crane sighting Ilminster ?

Hi Cookie,

It's Vic (Vicky) from Isle Brewers.

Thought you might like to know I saw 11 Cranes in a field just up the road from me today, next to the River Isle. 23.Feb 2014 at 7.45. They flew off in a high v formation in I think an easterly direction.

Of course it was the one day I did not have the camera with me.