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Cheddar Reservoir - 30 Dec

1 Great northern diver feeding in the deep, western half of the reservoir

Decent-sized gull roost: c.15,000 Black-headed, 500+ Common, 1000+ Herring but only 70 Lesser backs. Most gulls came in very late, so they weren't combed thoroughly for goodies (usually worth a look when there are that many commons)

19 Goosander came in to roost

2 RC pochard (male and female), 6 Goldeneye (3 female, 2 ad male, 1 1st-w male), 1 little grebe, 2606 Coot - little change despite the usual heavy festive disturbance, but Aythya & grebe numbers down sharply (200 Pochard, 75 Tufts, 16 GC grebes)

No sign of the long-tailed duck (last seen on 25th, but could easily have overlooked it)

Re: Cheddar Reservoir - 30 Dec

Great Northern diver still present at lunchtime today. Good views from S of Axbridge tower.

Also saw at least one Red Crested Pochard, good sized flock of Redwing to the S of the reservoir and two Jays.

No sign of the long tailed duck or any Goldeneye.

Happy New Year to you all...good birding!