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Chedzoy area, near Bridgwater - 24 December 2013

1 Merlin (adult male) - located perched on a Hawthorn tree and remained in the area for about 45 minutes. Observed to make one hunting flight. He flew fast and low over the meadows before suddenly diving vertically towards the ground and flushing a Meadow Pipit that had perhaps been reluctant to fly in the Force 6 strong wind. A short chase of twists and turns ensued but which was unsuccessful.

1 Sparrowhawk (adult female) - located perched low on the leeward side of a Willow tree. She sat for 20 minutes just watching a nearby group of feeding Starlings.

1 Common Kestrel - hover-hunting.

3 Common Buzzard - two perched and one soaring about.


3,500+ Starling
15 Meadow Pipit
10 Teal
6 Mallard
1 Stonechat

8 Roe Deer