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Greylake and Catcott Lows - 21 December 2013


5 Peregrine (two separate adult pairs and an adult female) - one pair (see photo at website link below) remained close to the hides for at least a couple of hours. They kicked up the flocks of Lapwing and ducks a couple of times but weren't apparently hunting seriously. The male was seen to power-fly low and fast above the meadows and attack a Common Snipe. The potential victim took immediate, impressive and successful evasive action by diving straight into a pool of water with a huge splash!

Peregrines - adult pair - Greylake, Somerset - 21 Dec 2013 photo PeregrinesonpylonatGreylakeLowRes_zpsb89ad3f5.jpg" />

2 Marsh Harrier (an sub-adult male (probably) and a juvenile) - hanging around in front of the hides for at least 90 minutes.

2 Kestrel - an adult male perched on a gatepost and the other hover-hunting.

8+ Common Buzzard - loafing about on low perches.


9,000+ Lapwing
1 Kingfisher

Catcott Lows

1 Marsh Harrier (adult male) - quartering just beyond the Eastern end of the reserve.

1 Sparrowhawk (adult female) - located perched in an Oak tree looking alert. Ten minutes later she flew off and dropped low to the ground in typical hunting flight. She flew fast across the reserve and a flock of c80+ Starlings rose up ahead of her. She continued towards them and a handful Starlings had remained on the ground where the flock had left. They took off in a scattered group but it was too late, she was already amongst them. The hawk did a couple of deep wing-beats, a neat twist and outstretched her legs to easily capture one of the fleeing Starlings. She carried her prey about 25 metres and disappeared low in amongst some young trees.

4+ Common Buzzard - two soaring and two loafing about in trees.


6,000+ Lapwing
4 Common Snipe
1 Ruff


Grey lake 22/12/2013

Whilst visiting Greylake lunchtime saw several Peregrine harassing the ducks and waders, Sparrowhawk hunting the Starling, Buzzards perched in trees and late on truly fantastic views of female Merlin both flying and perched on fence posts opposite main hide

Re: Greylake and Catcott Lows - 21 December 2013

Similar tally at Catcott Lows yesterday (22nd), including one juvenile ruff, maybe the same one? And also a flock of at least 18 black-tailed godwits.

Re: Greylake - 24 December 2013

Large numbers of golden plover at Greylake usually with the lapwing. Best viewed from the reedbed path but also from the main road (be very careful of the traffic if you walk along this section of the highway). Whilst two to three hundred were in the fields just west of the reedbed they later moved south by the main river where I counted over 1000 golden plover and there were clearly others in fields further back. Also male and female marsh harrier and the usual pair of peregrine.