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Catcott Lows 15.12.13.

07.30 To 14.00 Hours.

1 Female/Juvenile Merlin, 1 Female Sparrow Hawk, 3 Juvenile Marsh Harriers, 1 Common Buzzard, 1 Great White Egret, 3 Black-Tailed Godwits, 4 Golden Plover, 1 Dunlin, c100 Common Snipe, 1 Raven, 2 Stonechats, c5 Little Egrets & Several Thousand Lapwing.

There Seems To Be A Lack Of Kestrels Hopefully The Situation Will Improve.

Re: Catcott Lows 15.12.13.

After an early morning frost, at least in Wells, a sunny morning showed that the water level on the Lows had risen by around 1 inch since Tuesday! Highlight today A single Ruff plus 8 Black Tailed G'Wits and by 3 p.m. as I left circa 5000 Lapwing were present a splendid sight when they were all airborne together! 3 flocks (if you can call 18 ; 9 and 2, flocks!) of Golden Plover also appeared but the increased depth of the water means that these birds together with at least 50 Snipe seen are now limited, in the main to the back of the reserve. Only Raptors noted were three distant Marsh Harriers and a couple of passing Buzzards. Winter Duck numbers appear to have dropped compared with early last week but the birds are well spread as more open water is available at the back.

Re: Catcott Lows 15.12.13.

I visited for half an hour just before sunset today, and saw four different peregrine visits, 1 male, 1 female, 2 hard to tell in fading light and amongst clouds of lapwings. The first one, all the lapwings, and a few golden plover, climbed to get above the falcon. For the next three, maybe due to the worsening light, they all stayed low and swarmed back and forth across the surface, which was a stunning sight. The ducks, mostly wigeon, with at least 20 pintails, didn't seem that bothered.

Re: Catcott Lows 24.12.13.

A great improvement on yesterday's weather, when in the morning only 1 Ruff and a dozen Blk Wits could be seen through the monsoon! Today the water level has again risen by another 30mm since lunchtime yesterday but a flock of some 85 Blk Tld G'Wits were present as was 1 Ruff with it's attendant mate a Pied Wag. The Lapwings are way down in number being excluded by the higher water level!
Deane R. had seen 3 Marsh Harriers and a male Kestrel early this morning and from mid day a couple of M. Harriers were again seen but always at the back of the reserve.Only other raptors were the occasional couple of Buzzards. A pair of Ravens were present again as they have been daily for at least the last week.

Re: Catcott Lows 15.12.13.

Fantastic flight spectacle of lapwing after sunset yesterday; stirred up after a male peregrine spent a good few moments harrying a redshank over the water at astonishing speed and agility. Redshank kept very low over the water which gave unbelievable front on views of the peregrine in front of hide. Most ducks there soon relaxed again but the agitated lapwings kept flying back and forth across the water, about 300 birds in a flock, a stunning sight. Ruff still present and 5 blk godwits.