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Axe Estuary, Stathe and West Sedge Moor - 7 Dec 2013

Axe Estuary - morning

4 Peregrine – an adult male and adult female active (separately) near the mouth of the estuary, including both making impressive but unsuccessful hunting flights. Later, further inland (ie. South), an adult male perched on a pylon and a female flying past.

5 Sparrowhawk - 6 sightings involving at least five individuals, including three in low level hunting flight and two soaring (separately). A strikingly coloured adult male perched closeby - see record photo at website link below.

3 Common Kestrel – 2 hover-hunting and 1 perched on a Hawthorn tree.

6+ Common Buzzard – loafing about on low perches and one on the ground.


600+ Wood Pigeon
350+ Dunlin
150+ Lapwing
60+ Jackdaw
20+ Meadow Pipit
5 Song Thrush – all perched on the same patch of brambles.
4 Raven
4 Goldfinch
3 Grey Heron

Stathe – late morning – early afternoon

1 Merlin (juvenile, probably male) – spent over two hours perched in Hawthorn trees preening occasionally.

1 Kestrel – soaring low and hover-hunting.

4 Common Buzzard – perched on low perches, including 1 pale morph individual.


25+ Fieldfare
10+ Redwing
2 Mistle Thrush

West Sedge Moor – late afternoon

6 Common Buzzard – perched on low perches, including another pale morph individual.

1,200+ Golden Plover
50+ Common Crane
4+ Bewick's (or Whooper?) Swans – seen distantly in poor light.