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Dipper - R. Tone

Dipper on the R. Tone between Hele Manor and Fideoak this afternoon; it was also in song for a short while. This was probably the same bird that Bob Winn saw at nearby Longaller on 27/11. Dipper used to breed at Longaller (per Bob Winn) but are now very scarce on this stretch of the Tone.

Re: Dipper - R. Tone

i have seen a couple of dipper's in our stream in galmington of recent they are there quite often.

Re: Dipper - R. Tone

Hi Kate

I live near the Galmington Stream and have done for nearly thirty years. I've seen Kingfishers and Wagtails loads of times but never a Dipper. I'd like to check it out if you can say where you've seen them.