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Tawny Owl

I heard a tawny Owl calling at about 10pm last night and knew it was very close to my house, on venturing out to listen for it it called and i was stunned to see it on the dividing fence between my house and the neighbours!! it took off still calling and headed to some trees near a brook.
As i have sold my house and am moving to Ceredigion i feel it was a great send off for me. My new house has a very big garden and i am fortunate that for the last two years red kites have nested in some oak trees at the bottom of the garden so i am hoping to be able to watch and monitor these great birds from the comfort of my Patio!!
I will keep watching the site to see what is happening here but would take this opportunity to wish all you best wishes for your future watching.

Re: Tawny Owl

Dear Paul,

Red Kite as a garden breeding bird - sounds great!

I shall miss reading your observations of raptors in Somerset and wish you all the best out there in the wilds of West Wales.

Season's greetings,


Re: Tawny Owl

thanks Nick
I must say your knowledge of Birds is hugely impressive the descriptions you have given especially with the raptors has helped me develop my ability to identify birds in different stages.

seasons greetings to one and all I will endeveour if i can if lucky enough create a website for my garden visitors in wales