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Caught on Camera.

Sorry for the delay in posting but waiting confirmation .Female Merlin at Catcott Lows 30/11/2013 at 15.02
Female Mallard at Greylake sporting what appears to be a tattoo on its beak black dot with a letter P Mr Alan Ashman is investigating can any one help .Photos on website.

Re: Caught on Camera.

Jim passed me a copy of the photo of the Mallard and in turn I passed it on to WWT Slimbridge who came back with this
Hi Alan,
Very many thanks for sending this through – although this does look like a nasal saddle (it did have me fooled for a moment!) I’ve checked with colleagues and it seems that this is just natural markings on the Mallards bill!
Seems to have created its own nasal saddle!
All the best,
So we will probably never know how this peculiar marking got on the birds bill.