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3 SEOs at Steart (and 1 million Amur Falcons!)

3 Short-eared Owls seen yesterday along the embankment of the River Parrett between Steart and Combwich.

Those of you who were shocked by the images of Amur Falcons being harvested in Nagaland last year may be interested in this report. Cut and paste the following url or click on the 'website' link at the bottom.

It also contains a weblink to enable you to view the satellite tracks of three Amur Falcons that were tagged in Nagaland last week and are heading towards Africa. Two left India earlier today and are now flying above the Indian Ocean.

Instructions to view the sat-track maps are set out below:

1. Click on
2. Click on 'English' along the top menu bar to get the correct language.
3. Click on 'Birds' on the top menu bar.
4. Search down page 1 of the results and find - Naga, Pangti and Wokha.
5. Click the little white boxes to the left of all three names.
6. Go to the bottom of the page and click on Send Map.

You can then zoom in/out on the map using the scale in the top left.

And re-position it by clicking, holding down and dragging the mouse across your screen.



Re: 3 SEOs at Steart (and 1 million Amur Falcons!)

Very interesting reports, Nick, particularly about the efforts being made on behalf of the Amur falcons. Lets hope they meet with long term success! Perhaps some UK based organisation could get its act together to do something effective to protect the hen harrier in this country. Given that these birds are failing to breed successfully on land managed by both the RSPB and the National Trust it does seem to point to systemic failures in protection measures!

Re: 3 SEOs at Steart (and 1 million Amur Falcons!)

Didn't see any SEOs at Steart today. But there was a female Marsh Harrier providing some excellent scope views. Also a very confiding Sparrowhawk which landed on the gate in front of the towerhide. An excellent photo opportunity!