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Curry Moor

Good numbers of thrushes about this morning, probably c.500 Fieldfares and much smaller numbers of Redwings ,along with three Mistle Thrushes. A large influx of Starlings, about 2,500 spread across the moor. Other birds of note were:
Raven 2
Merlin 2
Chiffchaff 1
Stonechat 3
Stock Dove 9

The 104 Mute Swans included "ZPS", this bird was ringed at Abbotsbury,Dorset on 23rd July 2005.

Re: Curry Moor

It's interesting how visits at roughly the same time can produce such different birds. On my WeBS count this morning I counted about the same number of mute swans west of new road plus another 70 or so between new Road and East Lyng, roughly the same number of fieldfares and starlings but no ravens, no merlin, no stock doves, no chiffchaff but a juv. F peregrine, 2 buzzards, a kestrel and several skylark including one singing male. Strangely no ducks or waders anywhere.

Re: Curry Moor

Yes, very interesting John, I noted only one duck, a female Mallard, but no waders. Two Moorhens would presumably be of interest to you. The Chiffchaff was in the garden of the house by New Bridge. The Ravens were in the "usual place", circling the stand of pines on the edge of North Curry and the Stock Doves were perched on the roof of a barn at the foot of the hill near the pheasant rearing pens. I also noted two Kestrels, a single Sparrowhawk , four Buzzards as well as the Merlin`s, one of which gave good views perched on a gate post near Hook Bridge.