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Excellent day on the levels (again!)

A blustery but very successful day.

Ham Wall 2nd platform:
Flying Bittern

Ham Wall 1st Platform
Peregrine falcon flying fairly low and nearly overhead.
1,2 then 3 Bitterns within 10 seconds on one another going from left to right - amazing!
1 Male Sparrowhawk along the small drain in front of the platform
1 Great White Egret

Meare Heath Hide
Female Marsh Harrier quartering the reeds
Great White Egret

Canada Farm
1 distant Sparrowhawk (male I think)

Grass snake on the road just outside of the reserve (got to the verge safely!)
Female Sparrowhawk flew low and landed briefly in a tree
Female Marsh Harrier
Female Peregrine falcon flew fairly low and put up the ducks but did not seem to be actively hunting.

A very productive outing!

Re: Excellent day on the levels (again!)

Also a single male Pintail at Catcott and a Kingfisher just outside Ham Wall - so many birds to remember. I need a notepad!