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Bird of Prey with Jesses south of Bristol

Hi all, bit of an odd request but I have received a report of a very large bird of prey with jesses flying over the M5 at around 3pm just south of the Gordano services. The report came from a car driver who clearly could not stop on the M5, but they are in no doubt about the size and jesses. This bird was much bigger than your average buzzard and I was just wondering if anyone knew of an escaped bird in the area. I do recall that the Golden Eagle went missing over north Devon back in August and although rather unlikely I was wondering if this was the same bird and that someone was still looking for it, hence my reason for posting this.

Re: Bird of Prey with Jesses south of Bristol

Hi Robin,
A falconer friend of mine has just told me that someone based near Cadbury Garden Centre Congesbury keeps a hybrid bird which is a something cross Steppe Eagle. So it could have originated from there. E mail me if you need anymore info!