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Ring Ouzels at Chetsford Water

A group of 5 Ring Ouzel located at Chetsford - like last year at this time they were actually on Ember Coombe, just into the coombe where it joins Chetsford Water. They were accompanied by a group of chaffinches and flew along the Ember Coombe stream away from Chetsford, to the end of the Coombe, where they fed off some stunted treess before returning back down Ember Coombe and splitting up, some heading down Chetsford Water towards the reservoir and the others disappearing into the gorse bushes on the hillside opposite Ember Coombe. Very skittish and easily spooked.
Great views through the bins but too far off for a decent photo.

Re: Ring Ouzels at Chetsford Water

Six Ring Ouzels there today frequenting both combes if observed best to sit quiet and let the birds come to you as they are very flighty,very wet and water levels rising down there