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Sounds of spring

Before todays drop in temperature i had three incidents in the past few days that for a split second seemed remotely like spring. First was a Chaffinch in full song for less than thirty seconds in the warm sun. The second was a Blackbird in full song from the top of a high beech tree which sang completely for a full minute plus and yesterday a Greater Spotted Woodpecker was drumming in an Ash tree. Once again this was brief but fully audible. I am certain that these were the last of their kind until next year.

Re: Sounds of spring

Hi Matthew,

Great Spotted Woodpeckers will drum occasionally in all months of the Year.
I guess that just like the Lesser Spots that call from time to time in the Winter months that this may be territorial? Perhaps first winter birds attempting to assert themselves?

Who knows?!

Best Wishes


Re: Sounds of spring

Hello John
Thank you for the information, i love hearing these sounds out of season, seems like such a long time ago they were an everyday occurrence. I have yet to see or hear a Lesser Spotted woodpecker but hope to achieve this at some point.