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Red Legged Partridge

Five red legged partridge in my Staplegrove (Taunton) garden this evening. They flew into fields adjacent to the cricket/football club. First seen here in twenty two years.

Re: Red Legged Partridge

We have seen several Partridge out in the field behind the house in Bruton for some time, but had not really taken that much notce until today when they were much closer, only then did I realise that they were Redlegs, there are 14 of them out there, but not sure if someone locally has bred them or if they are wild.

Re: Red Legged Partridge

Patrick Williams
... not sure if someone locally has bred them or if they are wild.

Perhaps neither! They were probably bred at a major breeding farm here in the UK or in France, and released closeby to where you're seeing them. You can purchase these birds online for about GBP 15 each.


Re: Red Legged Partridge

200+ together near Nunney one evening last week in a stubble field. Flocks of double this are not uncommon. I know of a few release pens in this part of the World. I see RLP most mornings when leaving Coleford. Small numbers do breed locally as well, but not enough to support the numbers seen day in day out.