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Red Kite and Redstart Fledgling

Went for a walk locally today to see what I could see. First thing was a grey heron in the middle of a field... then, right after that, a Red Kite. It was not high up in the sky, but in the field before flying off west. Later I was lucky enough to see a Redstart Male, and then a Redstart Fledgling.
On a different note, I have had a Green Woodpecker and Goldfinches visit the garden for the first time in what seems like an age :)

Re: Red Kite and Redstart Fledgling

Hi Marcus
I am never sure what I can ask on this site at this time of year as always confused as to what is allowed in terms of talking about where birds can be seen locally when they are breeding in case their populations are vulnerable but are you able to say where the redstarts are as I haven't seen any locally this year, If not ignore this request