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Nightjars, Long Eared Owl & Quail

Nightjars reasonably accessible in the Quantocks this year. 7 or 8 different birds both seen and heard at 2 separate sites tonight. Also a Long Eared Owl was calling & then seen in the Quantocks.

Quail calling this evening from a cereal field in the Burrowbridge area. My 3rd different Levels site for Quail in the past week - the other 2 were calling from sileage fields.

Re: Nightjars, Long Eared Owl & Quail

I too have heard Quail in the last week but was wary of posting it on the forum. Mine was calling in grass fields between East Huntspill and Burtle.

Re: Nightjars, Long Eared Owl & Quail


I too am always conscious of the problem of giving away too much information to unscrupulous people, which is why I use generic areas such as "Quantocks" and "Burrowbridge area". When I say Burrowbridge area, I ensure that I don't narrow it down to less than several hundred hectares of ground area. I much prefer this approach, than say narrowing things down to a specific site during the breeding season.

By posting, I hope to encourage others to go out and listen for their own birds by highlighting the fact that the species is now in the SOS recording area.


Re: Nightjars, Long Eared Owl & Quail

Heard at usual Quantock site last night