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Little Owls in Cinnamon Lane

The Little Owl that sat in the apple tree, in the paddock, opposite the barn, in Cinnamon lane is back. There was a pair there up until the New Year but a cat started to sit in the tree and that was that! It’s been back for the last three days - (7am – 8.00pm) even though one day the cat was sat under the tree!
The Little Owls have bred in the park – one owlet heard so far. Last year they had two broods, one very early - fooled by the good early weather perhaps? It’s the first time any Little Owl in Cinnamon has had two broods to my knowledge, even though it was only a two and then a single owlet.
There is also a pair further up Cinnamon Lane, in the small orchard opposite Berewall preparatory school / paddock.
This morning there was a lovely Roebuck in the orchard next to the barn – looking superb in its almost reddish coat, and a GS Woodie in the park. A nice start to the day.