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Hurlstone Point

Hurlstone Point 6.20am-9.50am
Fresh/Strong WSW wind Moderate/Occasionally poor visability

A high count of 4716 Manx Shearwater heading east up channel
53 Auk sp
45 Guillemot
9 Razorbill
11 Gannet
2 Fulmer
2 Harbour Porpoise working the area off the Point,As i arrived the Manx were already streaming through so a good number were unacounted for ,in my count 4000 of the Manx had passed the point by 8am.Amazingly yesterday Fri 21st 6am-8am Brian Gibbs and myself never saw a single Manx Pass the Point.

Re: Hurlstone Point

June 23 wind north west strong 7.30 am 10 00 am birding not quite up to Dave tally Manx shearwater 147 west 123 east
gannett 14
razorbill 5
auk sps 17
fulmar 8
kittiewake 1
1 purpoise off the point
1 seal a bull seal by the size of it Iam sure other seawatchers will put me right it was just to the left of the lighthouse Dave