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House Martins

I have lived in Frome for about 10 years and there has always been around 30 house martins nesting on the houses in the area. This year there are non a few we're around in early may but went after a couple of days. Houses still have old nests attached but empty a number have fallen down from the eaves.
Other than the odd swift in the evening the sky's are empty of martins and swallows its quiet and sad to see

Re: House Martins

Hi Alan,

We had 80 Swifts arrive in Coleford last night and there were still a fair amount here at 6am this morning. The previous highest count this year has been in Single figures! Normally a typical number would be 50+

So far I am aware of 7 Swifts nests here (around 20 down on a typical Summer count) but there will usually be more than I am aware of.

We have quite a few House Martins nests but the take up this year has been later than normal. Numbers are down for sure, maybe 50% down I guess.

Swallows have fledged from a couple of nests at the back of the House but these are a recent addition after a lawnmover shed was constructed!
I am unable to comment with any "estimated accuracy" (contradiction in terms!) on the local Swallows.