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Black-crowned Night Heron

One adult was found roosting in trees at Dunster Hawn this afternoon. This is a private site, but the management were happy for the news to be released as long as visitors to see the bird do not drive into the site (but use the pay and display car park) and also respect the privacy of the chalet residents.

The bird was seen in a couple of locations: in the trees to the back of the site shop (adjacent to where the Spotted Sandpiper was, for those who saw that), and later on it had moved to the trees on the island by the "waterfall". Once in the trees it could be very hard to spot unless it moved.

Re: Black-crowned Night Heron

The Night Heron flew off the island at 20.45 as 2 other birders had just turned up,i left them to it so it may well still be in the area