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Honey Buzzard - Taunton

Following the Red Kite over the County Cricket Ground yesterday a Honey Buzzard drifted over to the west at 13.45 this time not attracting attention from the gulls. Five minutes later it looked to be returning but this was a Common Buzzard. Some speculation as to whether it was moving ahead of the thundery showers that set in 45 minutes later.

Re: Honey Buzzard - Taunton

Arriving in Somerset from France where had just had excellent views of a pair; was fairly sure I'd seen one just as we left the A 303 at Podimore, heading towards Somerton. Sat June 8th, around 11.10. Glad to hear that they are sometimes to be found in the area.

Re: Honey Buzzard - Taunton

8 June was the same day as the Coleford Honey Buzzard.

There was another Honey Buzzard yesterday between Wells and Maesbury late afternoon. Found by chance, whilst checking out a small group of Buzzards I suddenly noticed a Honey Buzzard higher up, completely separate from the Common Buzzards, heading North. I was unable to post yesterday due to no internet access last night.

By making a point of trying to Sky watch as and when I can in May and June and checking groups of Buzzards I have been lucky to see 2 HB and 3 Red Kites (inc 1 seen 'accidentally' over our garden).