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Anita Mui Forum梅豔芳自由講壇
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Just want to say hi & share some thoughts...

Hi everyone, my name is Sally and nice to meet you all! I have been a fan of Anita for only about 3 years. I usually use Weibo and Tiktok to collect photos and stories about Anita and interact with lots of other Mui fans, until recently I discovered this treasure forum, which was first established when Anita was still active on stage, and contains many news articles and discussions about Anita that I have never read before. I remember during her birthday party in 2002, Anita said she sometimes would navigate her online forums and get flattered by the praises from her fans on how stunning she looks (she's so lovely!). I can't help but wonder if this website is one of them :grin: .

Honestly, I'm very touched by reading through the countless bits of your love to Anita -- your worries and cares in Anita's health when she drinks after having cancer, the way you defend for her whenever someone said bad things about her, your effort in continuing the fan activities, etc. To some sense, they seem both remote and close to me. These messages are from long time ago, when I was still very young. I can't imagine how I would feel and get through if I were to experience all of these. But meanwhile I do feel our passion in loving her is somewhat similar, like I would do/react the same way/be curious about the same gossip topics (sorry!) even 20 years later.

From this website, I also read news and interviews about Anita, especially during her last days. They give me a very emotional insight into how Anita struggles with the disturbance from the outside, but also her wisdom in life and love after she learns and grows from the stumbles and falls. By reading these, the image of Anita not only as an idol but as a real person just develops to be more alive in my head.

At last, I really respect and appreciate your effort in maintaining this website to this day. I initially thought it was all archived but bumped into here. Very glad to see discussions still going on in this forum :smiley:.

Re: Just want to say hi & share some thoughts...

Thank you very much for your feedback Sally. This forum, website indeed has become a piece of history to walk back. Remembering Anita at her best and inspiring for those who needed one. Welcome and glad to know there are new fans of Anita even now.

Re: Just want to say hi & share some thoughts...

Yes, so nice to have your feedback Sally. Your posting is Very Much appreciated.

Also want to take this opportunity to wish Anita Happy Birthday.

There is also a new movie out about Anita.
Has anyone watched it yet?
Please share your thoughts here for anyone who has seen this new movie.

Re: Just want to say hi & share some thoughts...

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