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Thank You

Good Evening, All.
I just wanted to say "thank you" to each and every one of you who have continued to post and keep the memory of our beloved idol alive. Does anyone know if her Foundation is still active? I deeply regret not being more active in her fan club or her charitable inclinations during her lifetime. It was difficult given my proximity to Hong Kong. But I have the means now and would love to make a contribution. Thanks in advance....

Re: Thank You


Thank you for your support. Is very encouraging to see feedback here.

I remember providing the donation info here before in the FORUM.
So I did a search and found it.
Interestingly enough, I found it in a posting from Feb 26th 2010 (exactly 7 years ago).

I copy/pasted that posting below:

I don't know if PayPal would work, but you should be able to do either one of the following:

(a) buy a money order or draft (in HK dollars, and bank would convert for you), specifying the Foundation name that would be the recipient of the donation, and then mail that to the Foundation's address (listed at the end of this posting)


(b) electronically wiring the money (again in HK dollars) directly into the Foundation's bank account (also listed below).

I think your bank would likely charge a higher service fee for method (b), but best to check with your bank.

Foundation Name and Address:
Anita Mui True Heart Charity Foundation
Rm 2611 2-20 Paterson Street
Causeway Bay
Hong Kong

Foundation's bank account is in:
Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited
1 Garden Road,
Hong Kong

Foundation's Acct number: 03055000216889

I wish the Foundation would set up its own website one of these days.

Re: Thank You

Thank you so very much for the information. I, too, wish that the foundation would create a site. That way, Anita's cherished causes would continue to benefit AND it would be yet another way in which her legacy would live on. It is my intention to travel to Hong Kong in October. I might as well draft a check and drop it off as a "birthday gift" in Anita's name.

It's been at least a decade since I set foot in HK. I'd love to visit the wax museum, her statue at the coliseum and, of course, her final resting place. It would be such a thrill to finally give her flowers. Yellow roses tied with a purple ribbon, perhaps?

On a different note, is there a way for me to post photos on your forum? I traveled to Las Vegas and San Francisco to see Anita in concert. And living here in Los Angeles, I'd been fortunate to see her in concert 3 times. Her very first concert in LA was with Leslie Cheung!! I have old photos I could share. Let me know if you're interested I seeing them.


Re: Thank You


Thank you very much for the offer to share your precious photos with us. Yes, we are very interested in seeing them.

Let me find out what's the best way to do this and get back to you.


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