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Anita Mui Forum梅豔芳自由講壇
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Fans and Disciples Mourning on Anita's 53rd Birthday


梅姐徒弟何韻詩,也透過社交網發文悼念:「謝謝你,在你離開之時,留給我這個滿載着重量的盒子。這盒子曾經把我籠罩住,曾令我迷失,也曾讓我感到沮喪,但最後,我知道,這就是命途中註定我去經歷的試煉,為了換來更強大的自己,為了完成更大的使命。我想,現在的我,能穩穩地把這個禮物盒子拿着,並且把憑自己生長出來的新細胞,也好好地放進去。十月十日。每年不止在這天惦念,而是把思念放到行動中。」好友袁詠儀也在網上祝梅姐happy birthday。

QUICK translation:

Yesterday was the 53rd birthday of the deceased music diva Anita Mui. There were a lot of flower and fruit baskets for Anita at the Kowloonton temple. There were also Anita's favourite food items including cakes, dim-sum, hoinan chicken rice, sushi, soft drinks, egg tart, and cup noodles. Some female fans were burning incents.

Her disciple Denise Ho mourned through social media:
"Thank you. At the time you left, you gave me a fully-loaded box. This box had once encapsulated me, made me feel lost, and had made me feel depressed. In the end, I know, I am destined to experience this as a form of training, in exchange for greater strength; for the purpose of fulfilling a bigger mission. I believe that I am now able to securely hold onto this box, and also to put into it the new cells that I have grown on my own.
October 10th. This is not the only day that I think of you during the year. I also put my thoughts into action."

Good friend Anita Yuen also wished Anita Happy Birthday on the net.

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