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OFF TOPIC -- Hong Kong Sightseeing

If you are homesick or have never been to HK, see it like never before, this guy from the New York area is there on vacation, and posted the entire trip from the upper front seat of the double-decker tram, in HD.

Bookmark his channel, and check back; he has more of the same, coming in every day.

Re: OFF TOPIC -- Hong Kong Sightseeing


Thank you so much for this posting.

Excellent video and this is NOT off-topic at all!!

Look to the left hand side of the screen at around 25-seconds into the video.
You see a sign in RED with 4 words placed vertically.

It says "Capital Cafe" in Chinese. Is a cafe probably opened up by a bunch of artists who used to belong to CAPITAL ARTISTS, the company Anita belonged to for most of her career. I think the idea is like the CAPITAL ARTISTS alumni, for all the singers who "grew up" in that company.

Is a great video because the tram runs slowly and steadily to get a great view of the streets.

Here is the website for that cafe:

I think the cafe has autographed albums as decorations.

Has anyone visited one of their 6 locations that they have (five in Hong Kong and one in Macau)? Please tell us what you see inside the cafes.

Re: OFF TOPIC -- Hong Kong Sightseeing

Wow! I found the cafe on Google Street View. But the date on the image is July 2011. It's hasn't been built yet! But it will be! There is a poster in the window "COMING SOON Make Scrambled egg and milk tea with heart and soul!" -------link:,114.2299685,3a,33.6y,112.06h,79.53t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sqv8z6ERpoA_UVQg7i_duCQ!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

Also we have the bus trip from the new airport to Hung Hong Coliseum, sped up 4X:
normal speed version:

and fast and normal versions of Jordan (To Wah Road) to Tuen Mun Central:

I'm eagerly awaiting my SACD "With" and the vinyl "Red Anita" record which should be arriving in the mail tomorrow, and I will post a report.

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