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Bronze Statue of Anita will be Unveiled Soon !!

An exciting piece of news from the net (taken from YAHOO Singapore):

"16 Jun – It was revealed that a bronze statue of the late Hong Kong diva, Anita Mui will be unveiled soon.

... the first bronze statue of the singer has finally been completed after three years of construction.

... the statue has been erected at the Victoria Harbour to honour Anita's achievements in music and contributions to the society.

The statue will be officially unveiled on the evening of 18 July on the Avenue of Stars in Tsim Sha Tsui."

I think July 18th has been chosen as the unveiling date because Anita won the NEW TALENT SINGING CONTEST back on July 18th of 1982, and the star was "born" on that date.


Re: Bronze Statue of Anita will be Unveiled Soon !!

Also reported here:

Re: Bronze Statue of Anita will be Unveiled Soon !!

Anita's bronze statue was unveiled as scheduled on July 18th 2014

Pictures and details of the ceremony can be found at this site:

Re: Bronze Statue of Anita will be Unveiled Soon !!

Fans may find several videos on the opening ceremony of the bronze statue in the following FB page:

Re: Bronze Statue of Anita will be Unveiled Soon !!

Thanks to Frances for the link above.

Through Mui Nation, I managed to order the Anita Mui Bronze Statue Commemorative Booklet and it arrived by mail yesterday. It is an excellent booklet with comments from
the sculptor himself, and from about 20 of Anita's friends PLUS
her biography --- all in English and Chinese.

It is very nicely printed on 68 pages ( each page is long and very narrow) with excellent translation.

I believe the money raised will go into the fund that pays for the maintenance fee of the statue.

Re: Bronze Statue of Anita will be Unveiled Soon !!

I hope nobody would mind if I show an example of what's in this great
"Bronze Statue Commemorative Booklet".

Comments from Peter Pau (an Oscar Award winner for cinematography):

"In 30 years working in the film industry, every time someone asks me which actress is the easiest to work with, Anita's name always comes to mind.

She never had any formal acting training, but she was always the most professional and dedicated. She never had an extensive education but she was always gracious and her integrity was second to none.

Giving her best in everything was her motto and driving force. Righteous, sincere and extremely strong willed, our one and only Daughter of Hong Kong."

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