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Last night's concert

up on Youtube already!

Re: Last night's concert

UPDATE: Much better link, the entire program, all 1:41:00 in one file:

Re: Last night's concert

FB: Thanks for the link.

I am sure Anita must be very happy that so many of her friends appeared in person, not just through skype or video recordings.

Here is what George Lam said in the middle of the song:

"Ten years ago, I sang with Anita for the last time on stage. We sang the song "Who is the most beloved". I was wearing this same jacket here, and I have not worn it since that time.
I really miss her. Hope each one of you will remember to 'Embrace the person in front of you'.

Re: Last night's concert


I would really like to know the names of the performers, there are so many I don't recognize. To make it easier I have formatted the list from Youtube, just copy/paste it into your reply and replace the ?????? with the name of the performer or correct me if I guessed wrong. I don't care about the English song titles.

rundown :
01: 梅艷芳 (風的季節)[00:50]
(樂團演奏 梅艷芳 的經典金曲: 是這樣的,心仍是冷,似是故人來,何日)
02: 曾志偉 演說/分享 [10:50]
03: 張學友 (赤的疑惑)[16:55] Jackie Cheung
04: 張惠妹 (親密愛人)[20:33] ??????
05: 林憶蓮 (蔓珠莎華)[24:52] (Manshujaka) ??????
06: 成龍 演說/分享 [29:50] (speech) Jackie Chan
07: 袁詠儀 演說/分享 [32:45] (speech) ??????
08: 草蜢 (愛將)[35:45] ??????
09: 杜德偉 (冰山大火)[38:07] ??????
10: 何韻詩 (淑女)[40:20] (Lady) HOCC
11: 楊千嬅 (妖女)[42:30] (Witch girl) ??????
12: 蘇永康 (黑夜的豹)[44:40] (Night Panther) ??????
13: 梁漢文 (烈燄紅唇)[46:58] (Red Lips) ??????
14: 許志安 (壞女孩)[49:15] (Bad Girl) Andy ***
15: 徒弟及華星同門師弟妹等合唱[51:20](Stand by me)
16: 鍾楚紅 演說/分享 [55:55] (speech) ??????
17: 劉嘉玲 演說/分享 [59:50] (speech) Carina Lau
18: 梁朝偉 (朦朧夜雨裡)[1:01:00](Say a little..) Tony Leung
19: 林子祥 (抱緊眼前人)[1:06:20] George Lam
20: 鄭秀文 (女人心)[1:10:35] ??????
21: 張曼玉 演說/分享 [1:15:35] (speech) Maggie Cheung
22: 關錦鵬 演說/分享 [1:19:28] (speech) Stanley Kwan
23: 陳奕迅 (胭脂扣)[1:22:20] (Rouge) ??????
24: 郭富城 (夢伴)[1:24:45] ??????
25: 劉德華 (似水流年)[1:28:18] (Like Water...) Andy Lau

26: 合唱 (夕陽之歌)[1:33:13]

It is incredible and moving to see all these folks together now, who I met from all their film roles long ago. Eric is especially outstanding.

Thank you in advance!

Re: Last night's concert


As requested, I have replaced question marks with the English names.

rundown :
01: 梅艷芳 (風的季節)[00:50]
(樂團演奏 梅艷芳 的經典金曲: 是這樣的,心仍是冷,似是故人來,何日)
02: 曾志偉 演說/分享 [10:50]
03: 張學友 (赤的疑惑)[16:55] Jackie Cheung
04: 張惠妹 (親密愛人)[20:33] A-Mei Cheung (Taiwanese singer)
05: 林憶蓮 (蔓珠莎華)[24:52] (Manshujaka) Sandy Lam (She sang in Anita's 2003 Classic concert)
06: 成龍 演說/分享 [29:50] (speech) Jackie Chan
07: 袁詠儀 演說/分享 [32:45] (speech) Anita Yuen (in movie "Who's the Woman, Who's the Man")
08: 草蜢 (愛將)[35:45] Grasshoppers
09: 杜德偉 (冰山大火)[38:07] Alex To
10: 何韻詩 (淑女)[40:20] (Lady) HOCC
11: 楊千嬅 (妖女)[42:30] (Witch girl) Miriam Yeung (from New Talent Contest, not sure what year)
12: 蘇永康 (黑夜的豹)[44:40] (Night Panther) William So (Also from New Talent Contest)
13: 梁漢文 (烈燄紅唇)[46:58] (Red Lips) Edmund Leung
14: 許志安 (壞女孩)[49:15] (Bad Girl) Andy H-u-i
15: 徒弟及華星同門師弟妹等合唱[51:20](Stand by me)
16: 鍾楚紅 演說/分享 [55:55] (speech) Cherie Chung Chor-hung (in movie "One Husband Two Many" 一妻兩夫)
17: 劉嘉玲 演說/分享 [59:50] (speech) Carina Lau
18: 梁朝偉 (朦朧夜雨裡)[1:01:00](Say a little..) Tony Leung
19: 林子祥 (抱緊眼前人)[1:06:20] George Lam
20: 鄭秀文 (女人心)[1:10:35] Sammi Cheng (in the movie "Wy Yen" 鐘無艷)
21: 張曼玉 演說/分享 [1:15:35] (speech) Maggie Cheung
22: 關錦鵬 演說/分享 [1:19:28] (speech) Stanley Kwan
23: 陳奕迅 (胭脂扣)[1:22:20] (Rouge) Eason Chan
24: 郭富城 (夢伴)[1:24:45] Aaron Kwok (one of the "4-Kings" in the early 90's)
25: 劉德華 (似水流年)[1:28:18] (Like Water...) Andy Lau

26: 合唱 (夕陽之歌)[1:33:13]

I think they purposely skipped the introductions of the stars.
They want people to focus on Anita, and no so much on the "celebrities" coming to this event.

Re: Last night's concert

Here is what Cherie Chung said at the concert
(starting at 56 minutes 08 seconds of the link FB provided for the FULL concert):

"One day, Jackie called me and asked if I would like to attend a concert in memory of Anita.
I said I don't know how to sing or dance.
Then as we were chatting, I could feel the strong sentiments Jackie had towards his friends. He said: "That's Anita Mui. She has passed away for so long, how come there hasn't been anyone doing anything to commemorate her? He said "I feel that I have the responsibility to produce a nice show for her ". So I was touched by that.

I have known Anita for a long time, but we were not close friends. When I realized she was sick I took the initiative to visit her. We had lots of time being together privately. We chatted a lot, about Lesley, about her illness, about everyday lives. Lesley's passing was very traumatic to her. Their relationship was like brother and sister. They cherished one another. They were also like an old married couple. They fought and then they would be back to normal very quickly.

More than once, I have heard from Lesley that he was very worried about Ah Mui. Lesley said he was concerned that Ah Mui could be victim of scams and frauds in the work environment. He was concerned that she could be bullied in loving relationships. He was worried that if one day Ah Mui was to stop singing and stop performing, what would her life be like?

Ah Mui also talked about her illness. She said she was in great pain. The pain was to the point of being unbearable. When I mentioned this to Jackie, he said 'For all this time that I have known her, she had never said to me the word 'pain'. One can imagine what a strong lady Ah Mui was.

When she was severely ill, she was very concerned about her family members, her fans, and her friends.
She said "One day when I am no longer here, how would they be?"

I would like to sincerely send my blessings to her friends, her family, and her fans to live a good life. I need to thank Ah Mui for giving us such a glamorous history.
To our very loving and loyal 'Daughter of Hong Kong', Thank You."

Cherie's speech was very moving.

One thing I find strange is that she was talking in a very odd style or tone. May be that's just the way she usually talks? Does anybody else feel the same way about her style of talking?

Re: Last night's concert

Thank you very much for translating Cherie Chung's talk. I'm looking forward to hearing what Maggie and Stanley Kwan had to say.

About her manner of talking, it didn't seem especially strange to me, perhaps she wrote her speech ahead of time or even rehearsed it in advance, there were video screens on stage facing the performers karaoke style, she could have been reading her pre-written words as she spoke.

Re: Last night's concert

I think the previous link has gone missing now.

Here is a new link:

Maggie Cheung's speech starts at 1:39:00 of this clip.

Because of tonight, I have been getting lots of flash-backs in my brain of the time spent with ah-mui. Like today, I was writing up the speech at home, my memory going back to the time when I first knew her till the last time (we saw each other).
Is about a 20 year friendship, very long. I knew her from my second movie. At that time I was 19 years old and she was 20. We were both young ladies, very innocent. The following 20 years we did see each other, sometimes working together , and that's how our friendship grew.

Before I forget, I need to thank Jackie Cheung and Eric Tsang. Giving us the opportunity tonight.... I am really enjoying tonight's show, I cried, I laughed, looking back at these 20 years, or those 20 years of my interactions with ah-mui.

I have only got 3 minutes today. I don't know which story or which encounter I should talk about. Any one encounter would take longer than 3 minutes to tell.
May be I should talk from the perspective of being her friend, about her personality. To share with you what a great woman she was.
Lots of you in the audience may only know Ah-Mui on the stage. I am very lucky for knowing her in person. She was a very loyal and faithful person.

I should first say that she was a hybrid of both a man and a woman. Inside her body, she was split into two sides, one side as man and the other side as a woman.
She could be very masculine, very loyal, and protective of her friends. ....... to continue next week.....(sorry, having a bit of computer problem this week, so have to stop here).

FB: Yes you are right. The guests seem to be reading off a small screen that they can see as they stood on stage.

Re: Last night's concert

Continue from last week---- translation of Maggie's speech:

When we go out, every time she would safe-guard me from the drinks. When I could not drink anymore, she defended me and she also protected me. Sometimes she would be very gentle, very feminine. So I just could not figure out which side is really Ah Mui. In the end, I accept that she is truly multi-facet.... that' the true Ah-Mui.

Anita Mui is a blessing for the people of Hong Kong. We are very lucky to have had her. We have enjoyed so many of her good songs, stage performances, her good movies.

I thank her for her courage, her generosity, and at times her innocence. Sometimes she could be like a kid. One time we were having a pillow fight at her house. We didn't drink or anything, but we were just playing like mad. There is a side of her like a little girl, but when she came out into the public arena, she would act so strong. So I know her really well, and I know she was having a rough time. Ah Mui, every one of us loves you and I would forever appreciate and respect you. Thank You.

Re: Last night's concert

At time of
1:42:50 Stanley Kwan speech

I believe I am the same as Maggie, same as lots of people in the audience. We miss Ah Mui a lot.

For me, I particularly miss this great working partner, as we have worked so well together in films.
In the perspective of a director, I feel that Anita had successfully built the character of Yue-Fah (Fleur) in the movie "Rouge".

In the movie, whether is the sad yet famous prostitute, or the passionate spirit coming back to the human world in search of her lost lover, or till the end when she departed with a broken heart that had over-taken her affection, Anita had played those roles so well in such a penetrating way. Ah Mui, I am taking this opportunity here to thank you once again.

Is also because of "Rouge", that Anita and I have become very good friends. Quite often I was woken up by Anita's phone call in the morning. She was a night owl, but I could have a good chat on the phone with her for 1 hour, 2 hours. Anita's "Forever Changing Image" on stage has been well known. "Bad Girl", "Bewitching Girl", "Lady", some people say she was the Asian Madonna.

In private, we would chat. I feel that she had the most traditional virtues among the Chinese. As a lot of friends today have mentioned. She stood up for friends and justice, she loved her family and friends without reservation. Of course, she also got lots of friends who love her. Otherwise, we won't have this 10-year Anita Mui memorial concert.

However, there is one tradition that, in the year 2003 when Anita wore a wedding gown to sing "Sunset Melody", she carried with her a sense of regret/disappointment about.
This sense of regret she had spoken to me about, and lots of friends have heard of it as well. She was simply hoping that there would be a man who would love her, take good care of her, build a family with her. In the end she carried with her a sense of depression and deprivation, just like Yue-Fah (Fleur) of Rouge, when she left us.
END of Stanley Kwan's speech.

(NOTE: In English, "regret" is the only term that is closest to the Chinese word that Stanley Kwan used in his speech.
The term he used is a form of regret that is NOT remorse, but more like disappointment and feeling depressed.)

Will go back to Denise Ho's interview next week.

Re: Last night's concert

More translations of speeches at the concert

Jackie Chan's speech at 53 min 15 sec)

I think I have known ah-Mui longer than most of you. That's because when we were little, we were in the Lai Chi Kok Amusement Park. I was on the left hand side acting, she was on the right hand side -- the two sisters singing there.

Later on after we grew up, she was at Capital Artists, and so happened I was also at Capital Artists. She was on the left hand side doing her dance practices, and I was on the right hand side singing. Once in a while she opened the door and got in, looking at me from the control room, then I got even more scared. Through the microphone, she said to me
"Your singing is really awful".

Without my consent, she taught me how to count the beats, when to start singing at the right key. and how to sing.
Sigh..... those were memorable times.

I set up a company and she worked in many of the movies and got many awards. We became very good friends, just like brothers. We watched movies together, sang together, had dinner or drinks together, but we fought (argued) all the time.
We did not argue about the movies, or over other things but over matters related to the Performing Arts
............... will continue translation next week.

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