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Auction of Anita's Personal Items

Please go to NEWS update section from main website to see article about upcoming auction of Anita's personal items
use this link to go there directly:

Re: Auction of Anita's Personal Items

New articles uploaded Oct 11th and 12th at

(also can be accessed from website's main page.)

Re: Auction of Anita's Personal Items

New article from Oct 13th news report has just been uploaded to the same site.

Re: Auction of Anita's Personal Items

More Articles Recently Uploaded, including an interview of Ben Lam from Oct 10th.

For those who need translation, please check back in a couple days and I hope to translate bit by bit over time.

Re: Auction of Anita's Personal Items

Regarding the recent auction, most newspaper headlines have been somewhat negative. So to balance things out, I have chosen to first translate a section within MingPao weekly magazine (Oct 13th 2013). Perhaps Denise Ho's perception of this event could make readers feel a bit more at ease.

Taken from MingPao weekly magazine (Oct 13th 2013)
Denise Ho: can live up to the status of being Anita's student

As Anita's most favourite student, and also as the student who loves Anita the most, Denise has always visited Lantau Island every year for the past 9 years, to pay respect to Anita on the anniversary date of her passing. (Anita has a memorial plaque in the temple there).

"Actually, remembering C-Fu (teacher) is not limited to the anniversary date, what's more important is to extend her spirit (as in her attitude etc) into our everyday life."

Today she has been busy with the preparation of her concert. She has only read the headlines in the newspaper, but never carefully read the details of the reportings or the pictures. How does she feel about the auction sale of all her teacher's belongings.

"These types of things are not within our control, and cannot be avoided. Even though I feel it is a real pity, but I consider these as just physical materialistic items. What's truly important is her voice, her brotherhood/comradeship spirit. These are the most important things to stay forever in our hearts. I believe those who bid on her belongings are also people who love her, and will preserve and save those items......"
Translation to be continued.

Re: Auction of Anita's Personal Items

I went to this auction. Before the aution, those who paied the deposit could go into Anita's house to see the items. There were more than 400 items. The auction took about for 8 hours.

Re: Auction of Anita's Personal Items

Do share your experience with us here. Thanks.

Re: Auction of Anita's Personal Items


Thanks for your posting. Good to see you back here at the forum.

Please let us know how you feel and your experience at the auction.

By the way, more translation has been done in the NEWS section.

Re: Auction of Anita's Personal Items

For those of you following up on the magazine/newspaper reporting, this week's translation will be a bit late.

Please check back here around Wed/Thursday for translation updates.

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