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Anita Mui Forum梅豔芳自由講壇

All Mui Fans are welcome to post, but no swearing, attacking, name-calling and please respect other people's opinions. Forum manager reserves the right to delete any messages that violate above stated principles. 所有梅迷歡迎在此留言, 交換意見, 互通消息. 請自律! 壇主保留刪除任何含有攻擊性留言的權利!

Anita Mui Forum梅豔芳自由講壇
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Merry X'mas & a Happy New Year to Anita !!!

Dear Anita,

Wish U a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year !!!
Happy Holidays to All in this forum


Re: Merry X'mas & a Happy New Year to Anita !!!

Thank You Green Bear Bear and Mossimmo.

Always good to see you and your greetings in the Forum.

Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for the New Year to you and all readers!!

Re: Merry X'mas & a Happy New Year to Anita !!!

Nice to see you too

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