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New Pictures Revealed from Anita's Trip to Japan in 2003 July

Please go to Main Web Page: News Update Section (updated Oct 16/2011) or go directly to:

New articles uploaded Oct 16th include the one mentioned above PLUS
several more.

The picture resolution may be too high for this type of newsprint.

I shall re-scan and translate later on when I have more time.

Re: New Pictures Revealed from Anita's Trip to Japan in 2003 July

In the News Update section mentioned above,
I have inserted an additional article, and is placed just after the reporting of her "Trip to Japan".

In this new one page article, the author is making fun of Anita's brother. His picture got placed into movie-poster type images. The author has actually given some constructive criticism, hoping this fellow would really think about what he is doing.

In order to read the text portions of the recently uploaded articles please:

-- right click on the article with your mouse;
-- select "View Image" in the menu that shows up;
-- then you will see your cursor turning into a magnifying glass (with + sign in the middle), and you can then left click to zoom in for easy reading of the text.

Hope above method would help until I get a chance to re-scan the articles.

Re: New Pictures Revealed from Anita's Trip to Japan in 2003 July

I will summarize the article bit by bit each week.
After the translation is complete, then I will upload all the paragraphs into the NEWS UPDATE section of the website.

This is a detailed summary, but not word for word translation, which would take too long.
Oct 10th 2011 would have been Anita's 48th Birthday. In 2004, Ming's weekly magazine was the first to reveal that Anita visited Marchy back in July 2003. For the past eight years we have been talking to Lin Yim Fai (Anita's friend who works in an Insurance company), trying to talk him into releasing pictures that were taken during that trip. As Marchy is in HK this week, he reviewed the pictures and then agreed to have them shown here in this article.

Anita was determined that she had to visit Japan first before agreeing to go into hospital for treatment. In the 4 day-3 night journey, she met with March twice, but she never said anything about her illness. It was during Anita's funeral arrangement that Lin Yim Fai told Marchy about her demise.

It was only at that time that Marchy realized that after saying good-bye to each other in Japan, they would never ever see each other again.

Re: New Pictures Revealed from Anita's Trip to Japan in 2003 July

Continue from last week.....

On the first night Lin Yim Fai and Anita met Matchy at a friend's bar. When Lin was asked what mood Anita was in at the time, Lin said "You can feel it looking at the picture. Not seen (each other) for six, seven years. Anita was so happy, and had an adorable smile. That night we where chatting from about 9pm until 12:00 midnight. Just like old friends having a re-union. They communicated the same way as before, using simple English and Japanese. Talking about things like do you remember this and that from before. Matchy asked his chauffeur to give us a ride back to the hotel afterwards, and Anita returned to her own home in Tokyo. When Lin was asked if Matchy and Anita were ever together alone, Lin said no. "Honestly, Matchy has a family. Anita just wanted to see this old friend and ex-boyfriend".

Re: New Pictures Revealed from Anita's Trip to Japan in 2003 July

This section below should actually be in front of what was translated last week.

Matchy came to Hong Kong to promote his December 11th concert at the Kowloon Convention Centre. While our magazine was having an exclusive interview with him, Lin Yim Fai, Matchy's good friend and also the match-maker between Anita and Matchy, came to visit. Lin also brought pictures that were taken with Matchy and Anita so that he can have them as keepsake. Lin took this opportunity to ask Matchy if Ming Poa Weekly Magazine would be able to publish these pictures. Matchy was thinking for a while, then picked out three pictures and handed them over to Ming Pao journalist. When Matchy was asked in English whether or not he still misses Anita, he said "Yes, I miss Anita."

The pictures were dated as 2003 July 17th. Anita passed away in December that year. One can see that Anita knew she was seriously ill. In the picture though, she sat beside her ex-boyfriend and had a bright smile. There was not a glimpse of ill-look on her.

Re: New Pictures Revealed from Anita's Trip to Japan in 2003 July

(Continue from last week).....
Back in March 2003, when she was telling us (our magazine) who she loves the most, this is how she replied.
" I won't tell you who that person is. Can only say that happened overseas. If I get to choose again, I would love one more time. Can also say that was the most memorable loving relationship." Anita already knew she had cervical cancer at that time. That means when she was at the end stage of her life and looking back, she still loved him the most. That was the loving relationship with Matchy back in 1986.

Re: New Pictures Revealed from Anita's Trip to Japan in 2003 July

Continued from last week.....

Our magazine once reported that when "Capital Artists" organized Matchy's concert in Hong Kong, Lin Yim Fai, who is fluent in Japanese, introduced Matchy to Anita and Lesley at a reception party. Anita and Matchy never saw each other after splitting up in 1986, until 1997 when Matchy held his concert in Japan. Lin said: "I contacted Matchy for Anita, then we flew to Japan for a 3-day 2-night trip, saw Matchy once (in 1997), then they did not see each other again until July (of 2003)."

Re: New Pictures Revealed from Anita's Trip to Japan in 2003 July

Thank you, BeepBeep, for your translation.

Re: New Pictures Revealed from Anita's Trip to Japan in 2003 July


You are very welcome.

Sorry that I am doing the translation at "turtle-pace", but I do hope that there will be more time over Christmas holidays for me to make faster progress through all these articles from October.

Re: New Pictures Revealed from Anita's Trip to Japan in 2003 July

As it turned out, after July 2003, Anita was willing to go into hospital for treatment because her friend was willing to fulfill her wish. Lin Yim Fai said, "We were trying to convince her to go into hospital, but she kept on delaying and delaying until about May or June, one day, she said to me 'I want to see him (Matchy), help me contact him first.' Then I asked her if she would be willing to receive treatment for sure afterwards. She said 'okay, I will be good and go.' Since Matchy's birthday is on July 19th, I set up a time to meet him on the evening of July 17th. Ms.So and I accompanied Mui to Tokyo for 4 days and 3 nights."

Re: New Pictures Revealed from Anita's Trip to Japan in 2003 July

As mentioned before, I was translating out of order a bit. This part below is continuing from Nov 6th translation.......

On July 18th, the second day of our trip, Anita along with Ms. So and Lin Yim-Fai were walking around town. On the third day, the 19th, which is Matchy's birthday, Anita thought she would not be able to see him. We all thought Matchy would be celebrating with his family. We were having dinner with Michelle Yeoh that day in Tokyo. At first Anita appeared to be in a bad mood, but suddenly her phone rang. I saw her winked at me and she walked over to one side. I knew that must be Matchy. Then she happily said to me, 'we can go now'. I accompanied her to go to this bar at 10:30pm. This time was Matchy waiting for us. I went out with his assistant to get a birthday cake. That day Anita was so appreciative. She never thought Matchy would celebrate with her on such an important day.

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