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Anita Mui Forum梅豔芳自由講壇
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Donation Money being used to rebuild schools in China

There have been several news articles in the past that relate to the Anita Mui International Fan Club (AMIFC) collecting money for a school building project.

Recently, a notice was distributed by AMIFC saying that $157,500 (approximately $20,000 US) have been donated for rebuilding an elementary school in China. The rebuilding project should be completed by the end of the year, and the school shall be renamed as Anita Mui Second Elementary School. Some of Anita's friends have already put money into rebuilding a school called "Anita Mui's First Elementary School". That's why this would be the second school to be named after her.

The AMIFC plans to continue collecting donations for building Anita's Third, Fourth schools and so on.

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