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Anita and Sandra

Hi folks,

I was watching Dance of a Dream recently and began thinking about Anita and Sandra Ng's friendship. I didn't recall seeing too much of Sandra after Anita passed and always wondered why as they had been in a few movies together. I heard something about their friendship going down hill after Dance of a Dream, but no way to confirm. Does anyone know what happened between these two? They seemed close at one time. Thanks for reading.

Re: Anita and Sandra

No one has any info about these two, really? I thought they were friends? I even saw an interview by Sandra that she had with Anita. There's nothing written on them?

Re: Anita and Sandra


There was a MingPoa Weekly magazine article, in which (if I remember correctly) Sandra said she felt Anita was mad at her about something.

However, I also remember Anita never really explained what she was upset about after they finished filming that movie.

I will see if I can find that article. I personally feel that whatever it was at the time, Anita had already let go of it, moved on, and not upset any more afterwards.

Re: Anita and Sandra

Hi Laura,

What I am heard about Anita and Sandra had some misunderstanding each other is following.
First of all, DANCE OF A DREAM has, it is said, three kind of the endings. One is the way the film is (Andy chooses Sandra), The others are that Andy goes to London by himself and that Andy chooses Anita. Anita did not know the ending which was used when she saw it at the premiere. She was shocked because the ending was not what she was known. (I think Andy as a producer should have told Anita about it before the film was shown.)
Then Sandra who is known filthy mouth told Anita something not nice such as Sandra was the co-star not Anita in the movie. This is the beginning of the rumor. Later reporters asked Anita about the rumor, she replied that there was nothing her upsetting to Sandra. Some said that Sandra called and asked Anita if she was angry with Sandra. Anita said she was not.

I remember that Sandra was in Taiwan for the promotion of her movie when Anita passed away. But she went to the funeral and a guest commentator for a cable tv program regarding Anita's funeral. She cried on the air.

I hope I explained it clearly and BeepBeep will find an article to support my explanation.

Re: Anita and Sandra

Thanks for the comments. I haven't replied as I had oral surgery last Friday and I've been sick in trapped between the bedroom and the bathroom. This is the first full day I actually feel a little better and can read, watch tv and use the computer. Thank you for taking the time to explain the story between those two.

Re: Anita and Sandra

Thank you to AT for giving us all those info on this topic.

I would like to apologize for being slow in looking up the Sandra article and also slow in fixing the broken links of the website. Things have been busy at work. I will get to them as soon as I can, hopefully by the end of the month.

In the mean time, hope you enjoy the weekly video clips. Make sure you don't miss this week's video (week of May 8th). This is a live performance from the 80's and includes an English song from 10 minutes 40 seconds onward.

Re: Anita and Sandra

As previously promised, I have fixed the broken links for the funeral-related pages.

Please let us know when you come across other broken links on the website.

As for the Sandy Ng article, I know which issue of MingPao weekly magazine it is in, but the file has not been located yet. Will fix the link as soon as that file is found.

Please stay-tuned.

Re: Anita and Sandra

Sorry for the long wait.

As Woodstock's original set of translation for the Jan 2004 issue of MingPoa Weekly magazine does not include the interview with Sandra, I have to add that in separately.

Please see the newly added page 7 of this issue of the magazine in :

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