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Anita Mui Exhibition 2010 October-November

If you follow this link, there is a nice video of the Anita Mui Exhibition held in a shopping mall in HK during the month of October 2010. The Exhibition then moved to another shopping mall later on in November.

Good to see the great turn-out as shown in this video.

Re: Anita Mui Exhibition 2010 October-November

Tomorrow (Dec 30th) will be the 7th year anniversary of Anita's passing. Shall we wish that she continues to live happily in a world of the other dimension. Let's hope that her songs, movies, her personality, her legacy be passed on for generations to come.

Below is from SingTao newspaper that has a special feature article about the Anita Mui Exhibition held at two different shopping malls in Hong Kong (as mentioned in the first posting above).





Re: Anita Mui Exhibition 2010 October-November

For efficiency sake, translation below gives the general meaning for each section, and not necessarily translated word for word.

Looking back to December 30th of 2003, the outbreak of the SARS disease had been diminished, and the grief that clouded over Hong Kong for the most part of the year was just starting to break away as well. Then suddenly came the shocking news of Anita's demise. That day, all Chinese music lovers from around the world, their hearts were all broken. What remained was Anita's powerful will to combat her illness, and the fans remembrance of this super star. Seven years since that time, the Mui fans are still here. Patrick, an administrative member of Mui Nation, has taken action to promote Anita's very positive/pro-active life philosophy to others.

(To be continued later)

Re: Anita Mui Exhibition 2010 October-November

Continue from above.
For Anita's fans, October and December are the two months with special sentiments. That's because her birthday and date of her passing are in these two months.

Patrick and other fans will be sharing their memories of their idol at the Tuen Mun Plaza (Oct 2010). There is a big Anita Mui Exhibition. On display would be albums, posters, and the costumes that she had previously worn in movies.

As someone born in the 70's of the previous century, Patrick witnessed the joy and sadness of Anita's performing career.
"My mother also likes Anita Mui, always buying her albums. I was influenced by her (my mother) since I was a child, and became a fan. Mom toke me to Anita's concerts as well." This little fan could appreciate Anita's singing talents and her images on stage.

"However, I never took part in chasing after the stars when I was young. It was only after I entered university that I joined the fan club, and got to know the other fans. At that time, I would go see her at airports, and attended the birthday parties organized by the fan club."

Speaking of birthday parties, Patrick once took an astounding move.

"At that time, each fan went on stage to give a present to Anita. I just joined the fan club and did not know the rules. When it was my turn, I said to her 'Can I embrace you and have a picture taken.' She was a bit surprised/shocked at the request, but still agreed to it." So I had this intimate picture taken under the screaming sound from the crowd."

As a loyal fan, Patrick obviously had all of Anita's recordings, whether they are CDs or vinyl records. He likes her songs more than her movies. For films, he likes certain selected movies. Among all the movies and albums, he chose three as his favourites.

"BAD GIRL" (1985)
The extraordinary image that Eddie Lau custom-made for Anita, along with the daring lyrics of the title song 'Bad Girl', it was once banned by radio stations.
"This is my favourite among all the albums from the early period. There are so many hit songs in there, knowing each one of them very well."
Besides the title song "Bad Girl",
"Dream Partner" and "Walking Down My Lonesome Road" were all very popular."

"WITH" (2002)
"This recording was from the later period. Mui Jei sang with many different singers, gave rise to various chemical reactions, and broke through many limitations held by the different record companies."

Looking at all the singers in the album, each one of them is a big star, including Leslie Cheung, Alan Tam, Andy Lau, Jackie Cheung, Faye Wong etc. Is a type of album that had never been made before.

"ROUGE" (1988)
Anita and "Gor-Gor"(Leslie Cheung) performed in the movie "Rouge", bringing her a lot of filming awards, including Best Actress in both "Taiwan Golden Horse Award" and "Hong Kong Movie Award". Is her signature (representative) performance.

"I have seen this movie many times. Like Mui Jei's performance very much. The story itself is sad yet beautiful."

============== To be Continued ......

Re: Anita Mui Exhibition 2010 October-November

..... Continue from above.

Fans born after the 90's are reviewing the historical events.

From Patrick's observation over the years, fans are typically scared to get too close to Anita. "She was a big star. Fans were often respectfully scared of her. Not dare to get too close. Yet she actually really loved her fans." Anita had been in the show business since she was a young child. She started to perform on stage to make a living back when she was only 4 years old, sacrificing the precious opportunity of studying in school. (She did go to school but with very little time to study each day after class.) "That's why she was extremely happy when I graduated from University and I took the gown over to have a picture taken with her at the place where she had her singing practices. We made the "V"(victory) hand gesture together in the picture".

Patrick said that the best example of Anita's love for her fans was the way she insisted on completing the series of "Anita Mui Classic Concerts" even in the latter part of her illness.

"Anita had a real professional spirit. She insisted on filming the commercials, performed well in the concert, all because she wanted to leave beautiful memories for her fans."

The idol has passed away for 7 years, and Patrick has regained strength after recovering from grief and sorrow. He and some other members of the fan club have formed 'Mui Nation'. "The Fan Club is for holding gatherings among fans. 'Mui Nation' focuses on letting people know what Anita had done in the past based on her perseverance and determination, allowing her strong, ever-lasting spirit to carry on.

'Mui Nation' had held numerous memorial events over the years, including the 'Anita Mui Up-bringing Pathway Memorial Exhibition' at the Tsim Sha Tsui harbour-side Star Avenue in 2007, the year the organization was formed. In the last few years, events were held in schools and the wax museum.

"Right now, Anita's fans are not lacking those from the young generation. When a charity function was held at a school one time, it was actually the school attended by one of the young fans. There was a TV Series about Anita's life story produced in mainland China. After that, when we held a memorial exhibition in Shanghai, there were some post 90's fans (born after 1990) joining in. They all wanted to know more about the things that Anita had done and all the events that had happened around her."

In the heart of Anita's fans, she is not only a diva of a hundred images. Her status will never change, an irreplaceable super star.

-- Article ends here.

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