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Andy Lau talked about Anita in a recent TV interview

拒認被暗戀 華仔怪阿梅隱瞞病情

[2010-12-08] (From SingTao Newspaper)


=================== Will be translated in about a week's time ============

Re: Andy Lau talked about Anita in a recent TV interview

Sorry that I am translating this at 3 weeks after the initial posting, rather than 1 week after as previously promised.

Not translating word for word, but only translate the general meaning, and also only for parts that relate to Anita.

This interview was conducted in early December for the TVB pay-channel. He talked about all the things he went through in the 30 years that he has been in show business.

He also talked about his true friendship with Anita Mui. Regarding the rumour from years ago that Anita was his secret admirer, Andy said he and Anita were true friends who knew each other back when they were not that famous. Anita was very disturbed by (or felt upset about) the false reporting. He said the two of them actually knew about each other's love affair very well, and had served as the love-affair-consultant for each other.

However, Andy still reproached Anita for not disclosing the condition of her illness. He felt that she did not understand/realize what he was going through (his sentiments and emotions), as a really good friend of hers. At the same time, Andy also reproached himself for not having the time to frequently ask about her health condition. This still bothers him to this day.

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