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Bon anniversaire

Bon anniversaire, chère Anita

Re: Bon anniversaire

Fans in Hong Kong held Birthday Party for Anita.
They are trying to raise $200,000 (HK dollars) to build a school in China, in memory of Anita.

Below is reporting from SingTao Daily Newspaper (Canadian version, Oct 10, 2010)




Re: Bon anniversaire

Here is more news on Birthday celebrations for Anita.

From SingTao Daily Newspaper Oct 11/2010

祖兒難忘生日會上共舞 鍾舒漫《烈燄紅唇》打扮懷念梅姐




此外,昨日鍾舒漫以梅姐的《烈燄紅唇》造型為「梅艷芳舞台皇者致敬日」演出,舒漫很佩服梅姐放到盡的演出,「梅姐就是30年前已出現的Lady GaGa。」
I won't have time to translate till some weeks later.
If anybody would like to help do the translation, please go ahead.

In the last paragraph above, someone made this comment:
"Mui Je (Anita) is the Lady Gaga who appeared 30 years ago".

Re: Bon anniversaire

Did everyone see the beautiful new moon for Anita's birthday?

Hocc has posted on her blog a photo w/ Anita which I've never seen before, with comments which I'm sure you will enjoy:

I believe the guy in the photo is hocc's brother.

I cannot recommemd her "2009 Supergoo Concert" DVD set (4 discs) highly enough.

I recall reading, in early 2004, an article which said that the period of mourning for a lost loved one lasts seven years, with special attention paid to the one year, three year, and seven year marks, at the seventh year mourning officially ends. If this is true, then these next couple of months until Dec. 30 become especially important. We will be changing from grief to incredible gratitude that we were lucky enough to be alive at the same time as the amazing Anita Mui.

Re: Bon anniversaire

HI FB, BeepBeep and other Anita fans,

I went to HK for her birthday events. I feel lucky that I could go there again because my personal reasons. Both my parents in Japan were hospitalized and had majoy operations past five months, but now they are out of hospitals.

In Japan mourning for loved ones, if I remember correctly, lasts for 33 years. The first, second, seventh, thirteenth, seventeenth, twenty third, twenty seventh and thirty third years are important.

However, I totally agree with FB that we should shift "from grief to incredible gratitude that we were lucky enough to be alive at the same time as the amazing Anita Mui." I am still fasinated her performances on stage and TV.

Re: Bon anniversaire

AT: Sorry to hear about your parents' illness. Good to know that they had a speedy recovery such that you could visit HK again.

As for the mourning period, I am amazed that time period is so long in Japanese culture.

FB: IF I am not mistaken, the 1, 3, and 7 that you were referring to are meant to be weeks, and not years. It is quite common for special prayer sessions or other memorial activities to take place at the end of 1st week, the 3rd week, and at the end of the 7th week from the date that the person passed away. So the more intense mourning period is in the first 7 weeks.

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